If the American People had the Power to make a "SUPERLAW"--a law made not by lobbyists or politicians, but forged by the raw will of the American People, what could we change?

1. We could force the tax-code to be simple and fair.
2. We could force industries receiving our taxes as bailout money to change their practices (for real this time)
3. We could force the Corporate Subsidies for Telecom, or Agribusiness, or Oil Development to compete with subsidies for education, the poor or small businesses.
4. We could make America better. Every year. Forever.

In short, We could make one law per year which the majority of Americans feel would make their life better. And while one law doesn't sound like very much, it's more than any politician could ever promise.


Remember, the idea is to take the toughest problems away from Congress, because they can't muster the political will to do hard things. By taking these tlk toughest problems away from them, Congress would extricate itself from its' constatnt state of "do-nothing-gridlock"--in short, they would eventually become the administrators of HOW to do our will, instead of DICTATING to us the lobbists' will.'


I would propose that we petition our Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment giving the American People the power to:

Annually vote to pass one SUPERLAW by simple-majority popular-vote.

The construct of this SUPERLAW would be less powerful than our constitutional laws, but more powerful than lobbyists'/politicians' laws. It would not be modifiable by the Legislative or Executive branch; but may be sent back for special popular vote to modify it if declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

That any person in the US may NOMINATE an idea to become a SUPERLAW, and discuss, promote and modify it in public forums to transform it from an idea into proper-law-form.

That the NOMINATED SUPERLAWS shall be voted on in their final form by the American People. If no NOMINATED SUPERLAW receives more than half of the popular vote, then the three (3) nominated SUPERLAWS with the highest vote count compete with each other in a runoff election. The highest vote out of those 3 would be subjected to a simple-majority YES/NO in an annual election.

That each SUPERLAW should endeavor to be as simple and focused as possible-it should strive to exclude unrelated language and mandates unless they clarify and strengthen the primary tenet of the core SUPERLAW. Superflous "governmental pork" ("teapot musemus" and the like) should be roundly criticized in the public forum and should never make it to a public vote.


With "The Will Of The People" made very clear to them, Congress will experience fewer cases of gridlock, sdfjklfsdljkfsdjkl because they will have fewer and fewer tough choices to make. They will become accountable administrators--enacting the will of the American People.